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agreement, the defense spending not be cut dramatically, that we deal with the bowles-simpson, the debt issue. i think you'll see some kind of compromise right after the election from both parties. i'm a minority opinion here. but i think the american people have a strange way of saying enough of this and we want some changes. and it's going to happen. >> i've been surprised that it hasn't been a bigger issue on both sides, the boobowles simpl approach. >> right now you the way you get ahead unfortunately is negative campaigning. issues matter to some, but ear talking about a very narrow group of voters. minority, young voters in about four state, maybe it's 6%. you're targeting that electorate. and the way you you drive thumbs unfortunately is by being negative. >> bill richardson, thank you for coming in this morning. we'll see what happens. >> did you see the driver less cars? >> dennis miller tweeted -- i said can i use this. where does a driverless car need to do, why doesn't it just say parked? seriously. >> like a steven wright sort of -- >> it is. but where is it headed? i mean,
but one thing that is particular and specific to virginia are these looming defense cuts. we have a very rich heritage of participation in the defense of our country in the commonwealth and with the ability for us to go forward as a country, virginia plays a very important role and when you see the president refusing to get involved with substituting these defense cuts it will have a real impact on the communities across our commonwealth and it means real jobs and it will mean real layoffs and i believe that will end up winning virginia for a while. >> it's interesting, though, if you're looking at this as a voter, could you pick anybody to blame for this as we head toward the fiscal cliff. why do you think it goes back to the president on this? >> when the entire debt ceiling debate culminated august 2nd last year, you recall the resolution at the time to avoid going over that cliff was that we put in place the agreement that the super committee was supposed to come up with the remaining cuts that we were unable to do so at the white house. unfortunately, the two parties didn't get toge
now they're 0-4. >> in illinois today, europe begins its defense of the ryder cup. four matches this morning and four more matching in the afternoon. rory mcilroy and graham mcdowell within the first to tee off against jim furyk and snedeker. >> so we're hoping for him. no tiger/rory match-up today. and you remember somebody -- norman said that rory mcilroy intimidating tiger. nobody intimidates tiger. >> you would. >> i don't intimidate tiger or his caddie. he got rid of that thug. i think he's now with adam scott. but then the guy said adam scott won some average tournament and he said it was the greatest caddying game. i think he's a kiwi, isn't he? anyway, now today's weather forecast. alex wall larks i was trying to find out when on nbc the ryder cup starts today. >> i'll find out. >> alex, you're a renaissance man. you don't just know about rain, do you you? is there rain in illinois? how about that? >> it looks like the rain will be sinking just south of illinois, maybe a few showers this morning. but later today should be a little drier. >> who is it on today? >> espn to
. elsewhere, australia miners ended lower, but defensive headquarters capped loss on that market. india's index lowered by about .4 of a percent. >>> let's get over to london now and the latest out of europe. kelly evans is standing by with that. kelly, what can you tell us about some of the chaos there? >> becky, good morning. pretty much get a sense from looking behind me, it's great to see her, by the way, on your program. usually we just get to hang out on "worldwide exchange." you'd be hard pressed to find stocks in the green. there's a couple over there, but really not too many to mention. this is a pretty broad-based selloff. for the most part. we can take a look at the ftse 100. now greater than 1% on the morning. dax down 1.5%. cac shedding nearly 2% at this point. spain's ibex down 2.65%. this is where some of the real action has been. i almost don't need to do anything else but show you this chip and that can give you a sense of what's happening in markets. we've seen concerns about the health of different regions of spain drawing on the sovereign's finances. that starts to r
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4